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Hong Tan, PhD,

Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Hong began his entrepreneurial career in 2000 when he founded Wave Crossing, a fiber optics company that developed a self-focus lens technology widely used in the optic fiber networks. In 2001, Hong founded FortéBio, where he led the creation of the Bio-layer Interferometry technology. Before starting his entrepreneurial endeavor, he worked for several data storage companies, including Iomega, Seagate, and Maxtor. Hong was responsible for the control system for the High Energy Imaging Device, a NASA space telescope project. He received Ph.D. and MSEE from Auburn University, BSEE from Xi’an Jiao Tong University, and EMBA from Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business.


Robert Zuk,

Founder & Chief Technology Officer
Robert is respected in the life science and clinical diagnostics industries for his repeated success in integrating biochemistry with device design to provide elegantly simple solutions to challenging analytical problems. His contributions encompass diverse applications—from biosensors on the Octet platform (FortéBio) and Threshold instrument (Molecular Devices) for life science applications, to ultrasound enhanced gene delivery in myocardial and skeletal angiogenesis (Pharmasonics), to point-of-care cardiac marker tests (First Medical) and AccuLevel (Syva), one of the first commercially available, instrument-free, quantitative assay for therapeutic drug monitoring. Bob has a portfolio of more than 60 U.S. patents and pending applications. He received his B.S. in Biology from University of California, Riverside.