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From pM to mM, Gator Bio BLI offers a simple way to do kinetic measurements. Since Gator® BLI displays real-time data, the datasets created enable users to calculate binding kinetics (on-rate and off-rate) and affinity values (dissociation constant).

High-quality, rich data sets reveal information about affinity. Gator® BLI is compatible with a wide range of biomolecules for kinetic investigations: antibodies, nanobodies, small molecules, membrane proteins, AAV, nucleic acids, and more. BLI is a mainstay for the label-free measurement of biomolecular interactions.




kon, koff, and Kd in one rapid assay


Wide range of affinity values (mM to pM)


Compatible with crude or purified samples


Label-free method

In contrast to endpoint analyses, BLI data provides a robust data set including the kon, koff, and Kd. The on-rate and off-rate of biomolecular interactions are as important as the resulting affinity. Two biomolecular pairs may have the same affinity value, but vastly different association and dissociation rates. Knowing these differences can help make predictions about activity of biomolecules in vivo.

Specific Applications

  • Yes/No binding
  • Specificity determination
  • GPCR: nanobody interactions
  • Off-rate ranking
  • PROTAC analysis
  • Fc receptors
  • Antibody-antigen
  • Affinity determination
Gator Bio software comes with a wide variety of fitting models for data analysis. Processing, reference subtraction, and data fitting can all be quickly performed. Templates can be made to automatically analyze data and create a customized report.