Small Molecule Analysis

Small molecules. Big difference.

Small Molecule Analysis

Small molecules and peptide therapeutic drugs make up a large part of drug discovery and development. With favorable pharmacological characteristics, they are promising candidates in the treatment and management of many diseases. BLI is sensitive enough for small molecule and peptide analysis, and provides a rapid label-free method for doing small molecule screening and characterization. Our SMAP biosensors enable detection of small molecules down to 150 Da in both crude and purified samples.

The proprietary surface chemistry allows for high-capacity immobilization of biotinylated proteins for a wide range of molecular weights. Additionally, the surface can accommodate large amounts of biomolecules on the surface and resists the inversion of signals seen from other BLI methods. Following immobilization, the ability of the biotinylated protein of interest to bind to small molecules can be measured to determine the kon, koff, and KD of interaction. Interactions previously left for other fluidics-based techniques (such as surface plasmon resonance, SPR) can now be measured with BLI.

Benefits of Gator Bio
Small Molecule Analysis

Fluidics-free instrumentation

Compatible with crude and purified samples

mM to pM affinity measurements

Specific Applications

  • Peptide: Protein interactions


  • Small molecule: Protein interaction


  • Enzyme: Small molecule


  • Structure-activity relationships


  • PROTAC analysis