Gator Bio announce two novel BLI biosensors for small molecule-protein kinetics and hybridoma screening

Gator Bio, Inc. announced the launch of the GatorTM SMAP probe and GatorTM mFC probe for GatorPrime and GatorPlus biolayer interferometry (BLI) systems today. 

The company has been focused on the development and commercialization of the novel biosensors for the next generation BLI that greatly enhances the performance and cost effectiveness of this simple yet powerful analytical technology. 

“We saw gaps and challenges in drug discovery and development using BLI technology and decided to develop new surface chemistries for the probes,” said Dr. Hong Tan, CEO of Gator Bio. “We believe these new probes will significantly reduce the cost and enhance biopharma research capabilities.” 

The GatorTM SMAP probe designed for small molecule-protein binding studies has demonstrated significantly improved sensitivity. The Gator beta users also demonstrate best-in-class performance for small peptide kinetic screening against full length of antibodies that are generally difficult to perform using traditional BLI. 

The typical antibody screening from hybridomas commonly utilizes ELISA technology. The GatorTM mFC probe enables very high sensitivity, 5-log dynamic range, and provides a much simpler and quicker workflow than ELISA. The unique capability of regeneration up to 20 times or more without performance degradation provides a highly cost-effective solution for biopharma.

Detailed info on the GatorTM SMAP probe and GatorTM mFC probe along with Gator Bio’s complete portfolio of products can be found here

These biosensors come on the heels of the recent release of GatorTM Flex SA Kit and GatorTM AAVX probes.

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Gator Bio is a life sciences company providing bioanalytical systems to accelerate the development of therapeutics and diagnostics. Gator Bio along with its sister company ET Healthcare are part of Access Medical Systems. The Gator instruments and biosensors enable real-time analysis of biomolecular interactions providing information on affinity, kinetics, concentration, and epitope binning, etc. Most importantly, Gator Bio’s analytical capabilities enable better and faster characterization of drug candidates, thus providing greater value in drug development applications where existing methods have limitations in throughput, performance, and cost. The company is headquartered in Palo Alto, California with facilities in Shanghai and Suzhou, China. For more information, please visit

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