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Gator® AAV Ratio Kit for Empty/Full Ratio Determination

Gator® AAV Ratio Kit uses the biolayer interferometry (BLI) technology to determine empty (E) versus full (F) content of AAV. It involves three steps: AAV capture using the AAVX probe, lysis for releasing ss DNA, and capture of ss DNA on to single stranded DNA binding (SSB) probe. The ratio is determined by measuring the amount of ss DNA bound to the SSB probes. The method is compatible with crude samples such as cell lysates and cell culture media. The kit brings automation and speed to empty/full ratio measurement, making it easy to integrate into upstream processes.

Product Information

Part Number

• AAVX probes (96 probes/tray)
• SSB probes (96 probes/tray)
• Lysis Buffer
• DNA Detection Solution
• AAV Ratio Substrate
• Q Buffer
• SS DNA Standard
• Lysis tubes

Performance Summary

Dynamic Range
5% – 100% full with 10% resolution

Assay Time
8 samples in 40 minutes
24 samples in 120 minutes

Crude Sample Tolerant

Key Benefits

• Single technique for empty vs full determination compared to ELISA/ dd PCR
• Crude sample tolerant
• Automated including washes


The figure on the left above shows capture of AAV2 capsids with different % full. The figure on the right above shows ss DNA binding signal for lysed AAV2 capsids at the same concentration. The ss DNA signals are proportional to % full ratio of the sample.


Sensogram showing capture of AAV2 capsids with different % full ratios at 3E+11 vp/mL.

Sensogram showing ss DNA binding for standards and samples with different % full ratios.


Standard curve for % full ratio using AAV2. This
standard curve is for demonstration purposes only. A standard curve must be run with each assay.

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