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Gator® High Sensitivity AAV9 Kit for AAV9 Titer

Gator® High Sensitivity (HS) AAV9 Kit is designed for AAV titer measurement in crude lysates and purified samples using Gator next-gen BLI systems. The titer for ultra crude samples can be accurately determined with the “dilute and dip” method using this kit. It is ideally suited for upstream and downstream monitoring, and final product QC. The dynamic range is comparable to ELISA and the titer values correlate well. In addition, the kit offers significant benefits
such as automation and faster analysis.

Product Information

Part Number

• HS AAV9 probes (96 probes/tray)
• HS AAV9 Detection Solution
• AAV Amplification Solution
• AAV Substrate Solution
• AAV Substrate Diluent
• Q Buffer

Performance Summary

Dynamic Range
1 x 107 – 1 x 109 vp/mL

Assay Time
8 samples in 35 minutes
24 samples in 99 minutes

Crude Sample Tolerant

Key Benefits

• Sensitivity comparable to ELISA
• Crude sample tolerant
• Dilute and dip
• Fully automated including washes


AAV9 standard curve generated using the HS AAV9 kit. The concentration is based on end point nanometer shift.


Percent recovery for HS AAV9 kit is above 90% in Q Buffer. The kit shows very good precision with a CV below 10%.


The HS AAV9 Kit is compatible with crude matrices such as cell lysates and media. The table shows recovery and CV for AAV9 in HEK 293-T cell lysate diluted 1:10 in Q Buffer. AAV9 capsid was purchased from

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