Gator Bio Strengthens the Portfolio of AAV Analytics for Gene Therapy with Solutions for Each Step of Bioprocessing

The AAV Titer and Empty/Full Ratio Determination in Upstream Crude Samples is Challenging. The New Gator Assays Offer a Practical Cost-Effective Solution

SAN JOSE, CA, UNITED STATES, November 15, 2022 / —

Today, Gator Bio, Inc. announced the launch of Gator® AAV Ratio KitHigh Sensitivity AAV Kit and High Sensitivity AAV9 Kit for empty vs full ratio determination and titer, respectively. The assays run on FDA 21 CFR Part 11 compliant Gator® Prime and Gator® Plus biolayer interferometry (BLI) instruments. This is the only automated single platform solution in the market capable of accurate and easy determination of titer and empty vs full ratios at every stage of the AAV development and production.

The automated Gator® High Sensitivity AAV Kit and High Sensitivity AAV9 Kit enable titer determination with the widest dynamic range for serotypes 1-10 in crude and purified samples. This kit fits into every stage of the AAV processing workflow, and the titer measurements correlate well with the gold standard methods.

The Gator® AAV Ratio Kit is an innovative empty vs full method that easily and accurately measures ratios from 5-100% full capsids in crude and purified samples. Along with its simplicity, good AUC correlation, short time-to-result, and cost effectiveness, the Gator® AAV Ratio Kit will fundamentally change how this analysis is routinely done.

Enabling gene therapy developers and manufacturers with cutting-edge tools is Gator Bio’s focus. “There are many challenges and new demands in AAV and other vector analytics, and we are dedicated to developing practical solutions leveraging Gator’s next-gen BLI and novel chemistry know-how” said Dr. Hong Tan, CEO of Gator Bio. “We are singularly focused on delivering easy, efficient and cost-effective solutions”.

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