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Gator Bio launches Gator® Pro, a high throughput and high performance next-gen BLI system, for biotherapeutics discovery


Gator Bio

January 13, 2023, 20:46 GMT


Gator Bio aims to set a new industry standard for high throughput and accurate kinetics, epitope binning and quantitation for biotherapeutics discovery

PALO ALTO, CA, UNITED STATES, January 13, 2023 / — Today, Gator Bio, Inc. announced the launch of Gator® Pro, a high throughput and high performance BLI system for biotherapeutics development. The system is capable of 32-channel high frequency data acquisition in parallel. Combined with the new Gator® Screener software, the total solution delivers high-quality kinetics and epitope binning results in fraction of the time taken by traditional BLI and SPR systems.

The new high throughput Gator® Pro expands the current next-gen BLI instrument portfolio that includes the 8-channel Gator® Prime and Gator® Plus systems.

“Antibody and protein therapeutics developers repeatedly ask for more efficient BLI solutions that combine throughput and performance. We believe Gator® Pro addresses those needs. It can also complement SPR as a high throughput screening tool.” said Dr. Hong Tan, CEO of Gator Bio. “We are singularly focused on delivering easy, efficient and effective solutions that would enable scientists to develop biotherapeutics faster”.

Detailed info for the Gator® Pro along with Gator Bio’s complete portfolio of next-gen BLI products can be found here.

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Gator Bio is a life sciences company providing analytical solutions to accelerate the development of therapeutics and diagnostics. The Gator instruments and biosensors enable real-time analysis of biomolecular interactions providing information on affinity, kinetics, concentration, and epitope binning, etc. Most importantly, Gator Bio’s analytical capabilities enable better and faster characterization of drug candidates and viral vector analytics, thus providing greater value in drug development and gene therapy applications, where existing methods have limitations in throughput, performance, and cost. The company is headquartered in Palo Alto, California. For more information, please visit

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